Travel Insurance.

Visitors to Canada Insurance

Protect yourself against the emergency medical costs of unexpected accident or sickness while in Canada. One day in hospital can cost as much as $5,000!

For visitors, landed immigrants, returning Canadians and work/student visas.

International Travel Insurance

International Travel Insurance is for Canadian residents with provincial healthcare travelling outside of their province of residence or outside of Canada.

Trip Cancellation

Taking a trip is all about planning and preparation – but too often, plans can unexpectedly change. The best way to protect your trip is to purchase insurance.

Trip cancellation

Trip interruption

Trip delay

Lost, damaged & stolen luggage/personal effects


Single trip travel plans cover you from one continuous trip starting on the date you leave your province of residence to the date you return. A single trip travel plan can include multiple destinations as long as you are travelling on one continuous trip.

Multi-trip travel plans provide coverage for an unlimited number of trips taken within one year, commencing on the effective date of the policy. Each trip taken outside of Canada can be up to the maximum number of days you selected when you purchased your Multi-Trip Plan. This plan also provides coverage for an unlimited number of days of travel within Canada but outside of your province of residence.

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