I’m specialized in helping individuals, families, and businesses with Living Benefits for accident & sickness insurance, as well as disability and critical illness protection.
Helping individuals to look into the broad picture of their financial situation, Analyze it through the Financial Need Analysis tool, and set Financial goals while coaching them to reach their desired goals.

commitment to helping people find the coverage they need at a price they can afford.

help customers and policyholders navigate the sometimes confusing world of supplemental insurance to make sure their needs and the needs of their families are taken care of when the peace of mind is needed most

Barack Ashtari is a certificated agent in Vehicle Sales Authority, Canadian Invest Fund, Life Insurance, Open Water Scuba Training, and TUV Academy (IWE). He attained his BA degree in Material Science and Metallurgy Engineering at Azad University. He enthusiastically follows his urge to expand his professional skills along with personal ones.

Barack Ashtari is a financial/ sales educator, and a former member of a few brokerage companies who help people with different backgrounds gain financial education, knowledge, and all products and resources they need for a better future. He provides his clients with all the information and training to achieve a more financially stable state through online classes over zoom.

Being a master scuba diver trainer, he has the experience of working with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. He has been teaching basic and advanced diving courses, providing special customer service to clients, supporting the sales team, and planning, organizing, and processing diving activities for international clients.

Moreover, Barack Ashtari is a welding inspection engineer who had worked in the Development Organization of Tehran Municipality for many years. He is specialized in determining standards for welding inspectors, managing the testing lab for high-rise buildings, securing safety guidelines, synchronizing tasks for site welding engineers, and handling welding inspections and concrete testing.

His ability to propose great financial ideas works hand in hand with his mastery in team management, social media marketing, communication, and networking. He is a reliable and motivated expert with an organized and collaborating nature who seeks progress in his every move.

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